Classic Statues

It is a most important field of our production. We can say that all the most famous masterpieces than every time have been reproduced with absolute fidelity and in several sizes. The materials used for these reproductions are the alabaster or marble powders and resins.

Many reproductions are available in the interpretations of two different, but equally clever, sculptors: Amilcare Santini and Gino Ruggeri.

What we can say of Greek culture? The ancient Greece left us a series of inimitable masterpieces as Venus of Milo, Danaide, the Venus of Rodi and Cnido, the Wrestlers, Bronzes by Riace, Nike of Samotrace, etc...

There is also the Roman sculpture and so we can appreciate the Discus Thrower, The Roman Wolf, the Roman Charriot, Ebe, the Vestali, Cesar Augustus, Laocoonte, Hunting Diana, Ercole Farnese, and all the busts that reproduce the most important personages before and after the birth of Jesus Christ.

Particular evidence has been given to the Renaissance. During this period, the greatest artists have created immense masterpieces still today admirated from everyone as Michelangelo Buonarroti. He left us the famous David (reproduced from us in about 8 sizes), the Pietà (8 sizes), the Mosè, The Prisons, the Tombe Medicee and Bacco. We don't forget the David by Donatello, Perseo by Cellini, the Rape of Sabines and The Mercury by Giambologna.

Our sculptors have reproduced with excellent results many masterpieces belonging to the baroque art as Apollo and Daphne, the David and the Rape of Proserpina by GianLorenzo Bernini to the neo-classic art as the Venere Italica, the Paolina Borghese, the Three Graces, the Dancer by Antonio Canova.

Each statue is available in shiny or mat finish; with marble base or not. It's available also a bronze finish, shiny or mat.

Classic Statues

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