Religious Statues

Religious Statues

The Christian culture has characterized in almost exclusive way the Italian life in the two thousand years after the birth of Christ. It was unavoidable that also the sculpture was influenced from it. In particular the Renaissance with the characteristic papal influence of that period has given the origin to the religious masterpieces created by famous sculptors.

Amilcare Santini have had at disposition many masterpieces to reproduce in all size as The Last Supper by Da Vinci, Saint Michael Archangel, Renaissance Cribs.

In this field we cannot forget the sculptor Gino Ruggeri that he left us religious statues as Our Lady with child, Holy Hearth, Our Lady's bust (Lippi, Czestochova, Addolorata, Ferruzzi), etc.

Our collection allows a big choice in the world of Saints with Saint Michael Archangel (6 sizes), Saint Francis, Saint Joseph, Saint George, Saint Therese and many others in different sizes. Not less important the statues representing Our Lady: so, we can find Our Lady of Medjugorie (2 different models), Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima, Immaculate, Our Lady by Murillo, etc.

All the statues are supplied in the hand-painted version with wood base. If you prefer, it's available the version in white alabaster, shiny or mat, with marble base or not.

Religious Statues

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